Saturday, September 25, 2004

Fighting Terror Abroad

The war in Afghanistan is a just war. This is why the President enjoyed approval ratings in the 90% range. Had we focused on those that were directly responsible for 9/11, President Bush would win re-election, hands down. The economy wouldn't even be an issue.

Because of the miserable failures of the war in Iraq, we are letting the real war on terror slip away from us.

Why is it people refuse to admit Iraq is a quagmire, and that we should have waited to deal with them? It's so clear we should have finished one war before starting another.

My answers to a couple of common questions:

How long should we have waited to invade Iraq?

As long as it takes to do the job right. The luxury of a premptive strike is that you are going in on your terms. When you're prepared. Bush rushed in with our troops ill-prepared and with no plan to win the peace. Then he has the gall to blame Kerry, because he voted against the $87 billion, because of funds in it going to Halliburton. President Bush fails to mention how he himself threatened to veto that Bill had they revised it in any way. President Bush shouldn't have sent our troops into an un-necessary war with Iraq, without the proper body armor, in the first place. Imagine the United Nations stumbling upon the mass graves, we should have sent them searching for, as well as chemical weapons of mass destruction. It would have been difficult for France, Germany and Russia to justify a veto, that condoned an invation of Iraq.

Isn't it better to fight them over there than here at home?

Yes. And, we were fighting them over there, in Afghanistan. But, the war on terror has to be fought on the homefront, too. Instead of opening our borders to illegal immigrants coming here to take our jobs, we need to seal them tighter than ever. We need Federal Marshals on all domestic flights and other mass public transportation. We need better port security. We need tighter security around our nuclear plants. There are a lot of better places $200 billion could go to, other than Iraq.

The war in Iraq is a quagmire. To fight an effective global war on terror we are going to need the coopertation of other nations. We can't afford to miscalculate like we did in Iraq and expect other countries to join us, in the future as this war on terror rages on thoughout the globe.

It's time for new leadership in Washington D.C.

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